Growing Natural Hair Like A Pro

Growing Natural Hair Like A Pro

Growing Natural hair can sure be a Full time job, from washing to making sure it is always hydrated. Some things work for some hair and other do not, with that said we are sure this is not going to be a one size fit all kind of a situation

If you ask any natural what one of their hair goals are, you’ll more than likely hear them say “grow healthy natural hair.” I mean, who doesn’t want hair down their back these days? Unfortunately, some people tend to look for shortcuts or believe there are miracle products that will grow natural hair faster.

However, in order to grow healthy natural hair, it’s all about incorporating healthy hair practices into your current regimen. Although there will be a lot of trial and error involved, using these tips in this post can help you reach your goal of long, healthy, natural hair!

Grow Healthy Natural Hair Following These Tips:

Keep your scalp healthy

Have you ever heard the saying “dirty hair grows faster?” Well if you believed that, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s not true! If you want to grow healthy natural hair, it’s important to know that growth starts at the root. You must maintain a healthy scalp!

Making sure your scalp is cleansed regularly will get rid of product build-up that could interfere with healthy hair growth. You can also maintain a healthy scalp by doing regular scalp massages (more information on scalp massages later in this post!)

How often you wash your hair is up to you. Some people can go for two weeks while others, like myself, wash once a week. Whenever your scalp feels irritated, then it’s best to wash your hair.If you want to grow your natural hair, it’s important to know that growth starts from the root. Your scalp health should be a priority.

Keep your hair moisturized

Ensuring your hair remains moisturized will help to promote healthy, natural hair growth. |

Moisture is important when it comes to taking care of your natural hair. Water is essential for your hair to flourish! If your hair is excessively dry, it can lead to more tangles and even breakage.

Ensuring your hair is properly moisturized will provide healthier, stronger strands. This is the perfect foundation for you to grow healthy natural hair.

Although moisture is a good thing, you want to make sure you don’t over-moisturize your hair. Give it just enough when it’s needed!
Keeping your curls moisturized will provide healthier, stronger strands and is the perfect foundation for healthy hair growth.

Deep condition weekly

When I was relaxed, I never deep conditioned my hair. I didn’t know it was necessary in order to maintain the overall health of it. All of that changed once I started my transitioning journey and began researching how to take care of natural hair. 

Deep conditioning should be a priority in everyone’s regimen. When you deep condition regularly, it provides your hair with nourishing ingredients that help to replenish moisture and add strength.

Deep conditioning improves the overall health of your hair and can promote healthy natural hair growth as well. You also want to ensure you’re keeping a good moisture-protein balance by alternating your deep conditioning treatments.

For example, I use moisturizing deep conditioners 3 weeks out of each month and then I switch and use a protein. You’ll know when it’s time for a protein treatment by paying attention to your hair.
Deep conditioning regularly improves the overall health of your hair and can promote growth as well.

Avoid habits that can cause damage

Unfortunately, there are some things we can do in our natural hair regimen that may be causing breakage and affecting healthy hair growth. Some of those habits include:

  • Rushing while detangling your hair
  • Excessive use of heat
  • Using chemicals (dyes)
  • Not remaining consistent with your regimen
  • Not moisturizing your hair properly

Limiting and/or avoiding these habits will help you see healthy hair growth. Whenever you do your hair, be gentle when detangling and start from your ends. If you decide to use heat, apply a heat protectant and use the lowest setting that you can. 

Like we discussed earlier, moisturizing your natural hair is important. Use the LOC/LCO method to ensure your hair retains moisture for a longer period of time

Look for natural ingredients in products

Using products that contain organic ingredients will create an environment for healthy natural hair growth. |

There are some ingredients we should avoid using on our natural hair:

  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • Silicones
  • Mineral oil

When buying natural hair products, you want to check and make sure it contains natural ingredients. You can also look for ingredients that stimulate healthy hair growth such as Biotin, Ayurvedic herbs, Peppermint oil, and other natural extracts.

I do not follow the curly girl method, however, this has been helpful for me since I’m avoiding certain ingredients in my products.Ingredients that stimulate healthy hair growth: Biotin, Ayurvedic Herbs, Peppermint Oil, etc.

Scalp Massages

Scalp massages are beneficial for healthy natural hair growth. Not only does it increase the health of your hair and scalp, but it can also strengthen your roots and promote growth. You can do scalp massages as many times per week as you want, I usually do mine 2-3 times. It doesn’t have to take long, a few minutes is good enough!

When doing your scalp massages, use a nourishing oil that can promote healthy hair growth and also provide conditioning effects. Some good oils you can use are Tea Tree, Peppermint, Castor, Avocado, and Almond oil. When using an essential oil, make sure to dilute it with a carrier oil.

When I do my scalp massages, I love using a handheld massager to get the job done! I purchased my scalp massager from Amazon and it has worked great for me. It easily reaches my scalp and it doesn’t cause tangles or mess up my styles as other massagers have done in the past. You can check it out below!Scalp massages increase the health of your scalp, strengthens your roots, and promotes hair growth.

Following these tips will help with length retention and also stimulate healthy natural hair growth. Although growth is an amazing goal to have in mind, the health of your hair is the most important. When your curls AND scalp are healthy, then the growth will eventually

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