What is the calendar rhythm method ?

What is the calendar rhythm method ?

The Rhythm method is one of the family planning methods where a woman is supposed to know her fertile days and avoid having sex when she is likely fertile or ovulating, this method does not always work for all couples.

Women who have regular menstrual cycles and who are very careful about when they have sex usually find it to be effective. If that’s not you, this isn’t going to be the best approach to birth control.

How Does It Work?

The rhythm method includes keeping track of changes in body temperature and vaginal discharge (fluid from the vagina) to pinpoint which days you are fertile. Ask your doctor how best to use the rhythm method.

How Effective Is It?

It’s about 75% to 87% effective. That means that up to 1 in 4 women who try it get pregnant in a typical year.

Does the Rhythm Method Protect Against Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

No. The male condom provides the best protection from most STDs.

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