October 21, 2022


REF NO: SAH 06/2022

CENTRE : ST Andrews hospital

REQUIREMENTS : Appropriate qualification in Health Science-MBCHB PLUS Current registration
with HPCSA as a Medical Practitioner PLUS 3 years’ experience after
registration with the HPCSA as a Medical Practitioner. Recommendation:
Diploma in HIV / AIDS Management. Knowledge, Skills and Competencies:
Ability to diagnose and manage common medical problems including
emergencies in major disciplines. Surgical and anesthetic skills. Sound
knowledge and experience in the respective medical discipline. Sound
Knowledge of Human Resource Management; Information Management and
Quality Assurance Programme. Knowledge of current health; public service
legislation, regulations and policies. Sound Medical ethics and emphasis on
budget control, epidemiology and statistics. Sound teaching and supervisory
skills. Good communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to integrally
manage HIV services in the hospital. Ability to manage HIV / AIDS and TB
Comorbidity in adult and children (PMTCT included). Sound Knowledge of
ARV’S, their side effects and the management of their side effects.

DUTIES : Deputise the medical manager and chairing of meeting related to good clinical
governance in the hospital. Management of common medical, pediatric,
surgical, obstetrical and gynecological conditions and procedures performed in
a district hospital; and also administration of general anaesthesia. General
relief to other departments, in the absentia of the medical officer in charge.
Providing a hostilic patient care, inclusive of preventive measures, treatment
and rehabilitation assist with human resource development for medical staff.
Conduct continuous professional development by organizing information
seminars and CME. Ensuring correct patient management through the
implementation of quality standards and practice and treatment protocols.
Ensuring the development, maintenance and updating of clinical procedures.
Ensuring effective utilization of all resources in the clinical field within the
sphere of functioning. Provide guidance, training, evaluation and mentorship
of junior medical staff. Perform commuted overtime. Participate in community
health programmes. Monitor the cost effectiveness of medical examinations
with due regard of effective patient care and ethical decision making. Assist the
evaluation and existing standards and effectiveness of health care. Assist with
application and sound labour relations policy in accordance with relevant
legislation and guidelines. Co-ordinate HIV services in the sub district (hospital
and clinics): Diagnose, treatment, statistics compilation. Supervision of TB
Wards and other medical wards in the hospital. In-service training and teaching
during scheduled outreach in the clinics.

ENQUIRIES : Dr SK Lumeya Tel No: 039 4331955 EXT 214

APPLICATIONS : Should be forwarded: The Chief Executive Officer. St Andrews Hospital,
Private Bag X1010 Harding, 4680. Or Hand Delivery: 14 Moodie Street,
Harding 4680.
FOR ATTENTION : Human Resource Manager

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