October 21, 2022


CENTER : ST Andrews Hospital: Mobile PHC

REQUIREMENTS : Senior Certificate. Degree / Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery plus 1
year post basic qualification in Primary Health Care. Registration with SANC
as a General Nurse, Midwifery and Primary Health Care Nurse. Grade 1:
Experience: A minimum of 4 years appropriate/ recognizable experience in nursing after registration as Professional nurse with SANC in general nursing.
Grade 2: Experience: A minimum of 14 years appropriate / recognizable
experience in nursing after registration as a Professional Nurse with SANC in
general nursing, of which at least 10 years must be appropriate / recognizable
experience after obtaining the one year post basic qualification in Primary
Health Care. Skills: Knowledge of nursing care and processes and procedures,
Basic knowledge of Public service regulations, Disciplinary code, human
resource policies, hospital generic and specific policies. Leadership,
supervisory and good communication skills, Team building and cross cultural

DUTIES : To provide nursing care that leads to improved health service delivery by
upholding principles of Batho Pele. To execute duties and functions with
proficiency and perform duties according to the scope of practice Provision of
quality comprehensive community care by providing support and mentoring
clinics. Provision of administrative services, Provision of educational services
by ensuring all staff members have current guideline. Provision of clinical
services. Usage of equipment and machinery. Conducting research.
Implement infection control standards and practices to improve quality nursing
care. Ensure proper implementation of National Core Standards, quality and
clinical audits. Improve the knowledge of staff and patients through health
education and in-service training. Implement standards, practices criteria for
quality nursing. Maintain a constructive working relationship with nursing and
other stakeholders. Ensuring clinical interventions to the clients including giving
of prescribed medications and doing ongoing observation to patients.
Supervision of patient reports, intervention and keeping a good valid record on
all client interventions. Ensuring proper utilization of Human, Material and
Financial resources and keeping up to date records of resources.

ENQUIRIES : Mrs VV Ncume Tel no 039-4331955 EXT 259

APPLICATIONS : Should be forwarded: The Chief Executive Officer. St Andrews Hospital,
Private Bag x1010 Harding, 4680. or Hand Delivery: 14 Moodie Street, Harding

FOR ATTENTION : Human Resource Manager

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