October 23, 2022


CENTRE : Department of Local Government, Western Cape Government

REQUIREMENTS : An appropriate 3-year tertiary qualification (National Diploma/B-Degree or
higher) in Law or related fields; A minimum of 3 years management level
experience; A valid (Code B or higher) driving licence. NB: People with
disabilities that restrict driving abilities, but who have reasonable access to
transport, may also apply. Recommendation: Admitted as an Attorney or
Advocate of the high court. Competencies: Knowledge of the following:
Applicable policies, legislation, guidelines, standards and procedures and best
practices in relation to Local Government (Constitutional, Municipal Systems
Act, Municipal structures Act); The constitutional, institutional and
developmental circumstances of municipalities in the Western Cape;
Monitoring and evaluation legislation and guiding manuals and frameworks;
Human resource management; Basic labour relations legislation, regulations
and Act; Financial management. Skills needed: Analytical thinking;
Interpersonal; Motivational; Legal; Implementation and monitoring;
Communication (Written and verbal). Ability to interpret legislation and
application of law.

DUTIES : Develop and regulate a framework for monitoring all aspects of monitoring the
performance of the Metro and to monitor and support local government within
the Legislative Framework; Collect, Collate and validate data and information
relating to Metro and Municipal monitoring and outcomes and support
municipalities with the recruitment and selection procedures in terms of
applicable legislation; Monitor institutional health and evaluate implementation
of performance monitoring systems and maintain legal framework of
municipalities by amending the establishment notices in terms of section 12 of
the Municipal Structures Act and publication of By-elections; Assess and
analyse data from municipalities to conduct diagnostic evaluations; Provide
input to national and provincial policy and legislative processes as well as
structures regarding performance monitoring of municipalities; Human
Resource Management and Financial; Management of Directorate.

ENQUIRIES : Mr K. Makan Tel No: (021) 483 4365

APPLICATIONS : Only applications submitted online will be accepted. To apply submit your
application online only: via http://www.westerncape.gov.za/jobs or

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