October 25, 2022


CENTRE : Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS : A LLB degree (NQF Level 8) or equivalent, with admission as an Advocate or
Attorney with Right of Appearance in the High Court. Qualification in Public
Law, Constitutional Law and/or Administrative Law is an added advantage. At
least 6-8 years’ experience in a legal environment, at least 2 of which at a
management level. Experience in providing written and oral advice/ opinion
and performing functions of Corporate Law Advisor is required. Competencies
Required: Administrative Law: Knowledge, capabilities and practices
associated with the support of administrative and management activities to
facilitate organisational and mission goals and objectives. This competency
requires knowledge of the appropriate rules, regulations, processes and
associated systems within various enabling functions which may include
human resources management, resource management, employee support
services, documentation, procurement and financial management. Legislative
Knowledge: Knowledge of the regulatory environment and processes
regarding the implementation of policies, legislation and services delivery
programmes, and knowledge of the NT and/or DPSA and/or other regulatory
prescripts regarding: procurement, contract management and services
payment. Jobs Fund and grants management labour management and
employment in South Africa.Project Management: Knowledge of project
management principles, methods, or tools for appraising, conceptualising,
structuring, scheduling, coordinating, and managing projects and resources,
including monitoring, evaluating and reporting on project impact, costs, work,
and contractor performance.

Development Financing: Knowledge of development financing approaches and methods including the financing of long-term projects and public services based upon a non-recourse or limited recourse financial structure, in which project debt and equity used to finance
the project are paid back from the cash flow generated by the project.
Economic Development: Knowledge of South African economic development
policies and programmes with a specific focus on approaches and
methodologies to making markets work for the poor. Grant Management: Knowledge of grant funding (non-repayable funds) approaches and methods
and the regulatory environment governing the management of public funds.
This includes knowledge of the South African grant funding reforms initiative
and grant management systems. Information Management: The ability to
gather, prepare, house and share the organisationally-relevant information
produced or found through work in a manner that creates easy access and
understanding, and that informs and educates the reader regarding the subject.
Computer Literacy: Knowledge and ability to use computers and technology

Refers to the comfort level someone has with using computer
programs and other applications associated with computers (MSOffice,
Internet, email). Project Governance: Knowledge of project risk management
analysis and risk controls design, and conducting of due diligence exercises
and project audits. Integrity/ Honesty: Contributes to maintaining the integrity
of the organisation; displays high standards of ethical conduct and understands
the impact of violating these standards on an organisation, self, and others; is
trustworthy. Concern for Quality and Order: The desire to see things done
logically, clearly and well. It takes various forms: monitoring and checking work
and information, insisting on the clarity of roles and duties, setting up and
maintaining information system.

DUTIES : To assist with the implementation of the Jobs Fund legal strategy and
framework, and to conduct research and provide legal advice and support on
the establishment and management of funding contracts between the Jobs
Fund and clients. Strategy and Research: Provide inputs and feedback on
strategic plans and annual reports. Research and provide advice on legal
issues arising under domestic and international Administrative and Contract
laws as requested. Contracts and Legal instruments: Assist with the
establishment, performance and accessibility of the Jobs Fund contract
management strategy and framework including the records and signed
contracts database and standardized templates register. Draft contracts and
develop legal instruments for the reviewing of contracts for compliance
(domestic and international).

Provide legal advice to stakeholders on legal issues concerning, amongst other, the restricting of state assets, bond issues, financial regulation, procurement issues and Treasury control. Contract
Management and Administration: Conduct and provide legal research on
projects prior to and after client consultations. Draft and review commercial
agreements and contracts to be entered into by the GTAC/ Jobs Fund. Monitor
and review compliance with terms and conditions of contracts, analyse legal
issues arising, and develop and implement corrective actions and/or solutions.
Record all new instructions appended to signed contracts. Professional Legal
Assistance: Provide legal advice to clients and client representation at
appropriate forums. Draft legal documents, pleadings and opinions. Assist with
the writing, reviewing and editing of legal correspondence between Jobs Fund
and clients. Knowledge Management: Write papers, reports, opinions, articles,
and other documents for publishing on the GTAC/Jobs Fund website. Maintain
and update the database of all legal opinions generated for clients and/or the
GTAC/Jobs Fund. Client Relationship Management: Identify key staff, and
build and maintain relationships and interactions with clients, stakeholders and
business representatives. Monitor the level of client satisfaction at regular
intervals and after each significant delivery of product or service. Identify and
respond to opportunities for providing legal products and services to be the
strategic partner of choice within the GTAC/Jobs Fund. Respond to clients’
queries and complaints ensuring that corrective action is taken when

ENQUIRIES : Kaizer Malakoane Tel No: 066 250 7072
Email: Kaizer.malakoane@gtac.gov.za

APPLICATIONS : Potential candidates may apply online on the GTAC website at
https://www.gtac.gov.za/careers. Please visit the GTAC website at
www.gtac.gov.za for more information. NB only online applications will be

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