October 25, 2022


CENTRE : Provincial Office: Gauteng

REQUIREMENTS : Grade 12/ Senior Certificate. No experience required. Knowledge: Batho Pele
Principles, Departmental Policies and Procedures Treasury Regulation. Skills:
Verbal and written communication, Interpersonal relations, Problem solving,
Computer Literacy Analytical, Planning organizing.

DUTIES : To render Supply Chain Management Function in a Labour Centre Daily,
provide a Finance and office management service to the labour Centre Daily,
Render a Human management, Responsible for Training and Performance
activities in a Labour Centre Daily, Responsible for the record management in
a labour Centre Daily.

ENQUIRIES : Mr S Mdluli Tel No: (012) 319 8100

APPLICATIONS : Chief Director: Provincial Operations: PO Box 4560, Johannesburg, 2001 Hand
deliver at 77 De Korte Street, Braamfontein

FOR ATTENTION : Sub-directorate: Human Resources Management, Provincial Office: Gauteng

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