October 25, 2022


CENTRE : Labour Centre: Mthatha

REQUIREMENTS : Three (3) year National Diploma (NQF6)/Undergraduate Bachelor Degree
(NQF 7) in Business Administration/Management; Public
Administration/Management; Operations Management. Two (2) years
functional experience in registration services. Valid driver’s licence.

KNOWLEDGE: All Labour legislations and Regulations, Private Employment
Agency regulations and related ILO conventions, Batho Pele Principles, Public
Services Act, Public Service Regulations, Knowledge of Departmental Policies,
Procedures and Guidelines. SKILLS: Problem-solving, Computer literacy,
Basic Interpersonal, Listening, Communication, Ability to interpret legislation,
Telephone etiquettes, Mediation, Analytical.

DUTIES : Monitor and oversee the help desk at the first port of the entry within
Registration Service. Oversee the employment service rendered to all clients.
Monitor the processes of Unemployment Insurance Benefits applications and
Employer Declarations. Monitor and analyse the application of Compensation
for Injury and Disease Act (COIDA) and Employer registration forms for
COIDA. Attend to all complaints regarding legislation and follow up on pending
complaints. Manage the resources of the section.

ENQUIRIES : Ms S Zawula Tel No: 047 501 5600

APPLICATIONS : Deputy Director: Labour Centre Operations: Private Bag 5080, Mthatha, 5100

FOR ATTENTION : Sub-directorate: Human Resources Management, Mthatha Labour Centre

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