November 21, 2022


CENTRE : Kwazulu Natal (Richards Bay)

REQUIREMENTS : Applicants must be in possession of a Grade 12 Certificate and a National
Diploma in Agriculture / Agricultural Economics / Development Studies.
Minimum of 3 years experience at junior management level in relevant field.
Job related knowledge: Knowledge and understanding of policy and legislative
environment of cooperatives. Monitoring and evaluation. Understanding of
Comprehensive Rural Development Programme (CRDP). Strategic planning.
Knowledge of economics. Job related skills: Communication skills (verbal and
written), Negotiation and conflict resolution skills, Strategic management skills
and leadership skills, Project management skills, Networking skills, Team
management skills, People management skills, Customer and client focus.
Statistical forecasting. A valid driver’s licence. Willingness to travel.

DUTIES : Manage the identification and facilitation of the development of cooperatives.
Manage the advancement of primary cooperatives into secondary
cooperatives. Coordinate liaison with commodity association and other13
stakeholders for data collection. This in order to create and maintain
cooperatives databases. Oversee engagement with organs of the state, private
sector and building partnerships. Oversee the development of business plans
for funding. Manage the development of a monitoring tool and strategy for
cooperatives. Provide support in setting up of internal / cooperative governance
and constitution, and facilitation of training in adherence and compliance with
Cooperatives Act, No. 14 of 2005. Provide support to new and existing
cooperatives (Establishment, registration, constitution, facilitate training and
monitoring). Provide training on governance issues of cooperatives and
business management. Manage the identification and ensure support for the
development of enterprise operational and compliance system. Oversee
partnerships arrangements. Ensure that cooperatives comply with Cooperative
Act. Among others by ensuring that holding Annual General Meeting (AGM)
are held and financial records are submitted to South African Revenue Service
(SARS). Provide support in the identification of market opportunities for co-
operatives development in the Department. Manage the identification of local,
national and international markets for cooperatives. Ensure that cooperatives
get marking tools for their business through Small Enterprise Development
Agency (SEDA). Ensure that cooperatives get export certificate to sell their
products. Support cooperatives to produce good quality and quantity goods /
produce at correct time. Oversee the development of co-operative Financing
Institutions towards the formation of a Co-operative Bank. Coordinate
workshops for cooperative on understanding functioning of the cooperatives
Financial Institution. Ensure that cooperatives develop the culture of saving.
Manage linkage of cooperatives with relevant institutions towards
establishment of banking facility. Manage the development of rural enterprise
and industries.

Manage identification of entrepreneurs and linkage with various
entities to support them with development e.g. Financial and non-financial.
Coordinate workshops for Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs).
Oversee the development of small and medium scale Agro-processing
programmes. Manage identification of business entities with potential for Agro-
processing. Ensure that potential business entities are linked with relevant
institutions for assistance and development. Manage skills development
programmes with relevant institutions e.g. Sector Education and Training
Authorities (SETAs). Ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

ENQUIRIES : Mr N S Myeza Tel No: (035) 789 1035

APPLICATIONS : Applications can be submitted by post to Private Bag x 9132, Pietermaritzburg,
0001 or hand delivered to: 270 Jabu Ndlovu Street (formerly known as Loop
NOTE : African, Coloured, Indian and White Males and Coloured, Indian and White
Females and Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

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