November 21, 2022


CENTRE : Gauteng (Pretoria)

REQUIREMENTS : Successful completion of Pre-entry Certificate for SMS as endorsed by the
National School of Government (NSG). Applicants must be in possession of a
Grade 12 Certificate and a Bachelor’s Degree or Advanced Diploma (NQF
Level 7) qualification in Agriculture, Food Science / Food Technology. Minimum
of 5 years of experience at a middle / senior managerial level within the
agricultural or food regulatory field. Job related knowledge: Knowledge and
understanding of all relevant legislation and regulations that govern the Public
Service including the Public Finance Management Act and Treasury
Regulations, the Public Service Act, the Labour Relations Act etc. Extensive
knowledge of the regulatory environment i.e. World Trade Organisation (WTO)
Agreements on the application of sanitary and phytosanitary measures (SPS)
Agreements, International Agricultural Trade, SPS import and export
regulatory systems, WTO – Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT), Cannabidiol
(CBD) and other related agreements. Extensive knowledge of the following
legislations e.g. Agricultural Pests Act, 1983 (Act No. 36 of 1983), Animal
Diseases Act, 1984 (Act No. 35 of 1984), Meat Safety Act, 2000 (Act No. 40 of
2000), Plant Improvement Act, 1976 (Act No. 53 of 1976), Liquor Products Act,
1989 (Act No. 60 of 1989), Genetically Modified Organisms Act, 1997 (Act No.
15 of 1997), Agricultural Product Standards Act, 1990 (Act No. 119 of 1990),
Fertilizers, Farm Feeds, Agricultural Remedies and Stock Remedies Act, 1947
(Act No. 36 of 1947) as well as various relevant international guidelines and
rules. Knowledge and understanding of government priorities and imperatives.
Knowledge and understanding of the white paper on the transformation of the
Public Service (Batho Pele). Job related skills: Strategic capability and
leadership skills. Programme and project management skills. Financial
management skills. Change management skills. Knowledge management
skills. Service delivery innovation skills. Problem solving and analysis skills.
People management and empowerment skills. Client orientation and customer
focus skills. Communication skills. Honesty and integrity. A valid driver’s
licence. Willing to work extended hours and to travel extensively.

DUTIES : Provide support and guidance in the development of policies, norms, standards
and strategies to reduce risks in the import and export of plant and animal
products. Facilitate and co-ordinate the review, development and
implementation of relevant cross-cutting policies for import and export
standards (plant and animal product bio-security and safety). Facilitate and co-
ordinate the development and implementation of SPS norms, standards and
regulations pertaining to plant and animal biosecurity and safety. Facilitate the
development of a framework to ensure the effective implementation of
developed policies, norms, standards, regulations and strategies. Manage the
development of broad systems to undertake the promotion and awareness of
bio-security, safety, quality and risk management in communities and other
areas. Manage SPS information to maximize stakeholder interest and
involvement. Ensure impact analysis of SPS notifications. Lead and manage
the SPS committee and interactions with the relevant stakeholders. Manage
and promote cross cutting SPS information flow as well as information sharing
between the public and the private sector. Facilitate inputs into proposed new
international standards, country legislation and SPS actions. Facilitate the
sourcing of further details from trading partners on SPS notifications.
Represent DALRRD on the relevant SPS forums in developing SPS policies.
Manage and coordinate all programmes / activities relating to awareness
creation about the Branch. Coordinate risk awareness / information sessions
with relevant stakeholders. Liaise with relevant stakeholders and obtain
required technical inputs prior to compilation of materials. Manage and
coordinate the development of material used for communicating food risk
management measures. Manage and coordinate the development of material used for communicating animal health and production and plant health and
production matters. Develop and implement programmes for the creation of
awareness of food safety risks. Develop and implement programmes for the
creation of awareness relating to animal health and production and plant health
and production matters.

Create awareness of food safety (including zoonoses
control), primary animal health and welfare through appropriate programmes.
Ensure that issues relating to food safety are communicated to stakeholders
such as the food industry, consumers and other departments dealing with food
safety. Provide strategic advisory services to clients and other stakeholders in
terms of import and export control standards. Provide scientific advice and
support in the reduction of risks in import and export of products in compliance
with health and safety obligations. Co-ordinate and manage the provision of
policy advice and support to other countries. Provide information and support
to departmental representatives on risk management of import and export
products/plant and animal product security and safety. Provide strategic advice
and input in conferences, meetings and negotiations of regional and
international standard setting bodies. Promote a culture of reporting back to all
the relevant stakeholders’ meetings, conferences and negotiations. Manage
the resources of the Directorate. Develop the operational plan for the
Directorate and ensure its implementation. Allocate and manage resources at
functional levels to ensure the delivery on set targets for the Directorate.
Develop solutions to technical challenges. Conduct financial planning and
account for allocated budget. Ensure adherence to policy and statutory
directives relevant to the functional terrain of the Directorate. Monitor, evaluate,
and report on the performance of the Directorate. Manage client relations.
Ensure the management and development of human resources.

ENQUIRIES : Mr D Serage Tel No: (012) 319 6530

APPLICATIONS : Applications can be submitted by post to: Private Bag X833, Pretoria, 0001 or
hand delivered during office hours to: 184 Jeff Masemola Street (formerly
known as Jacob Mare), corner of Jeff Masemola and Paul Kruger Streets,
Pretoria or to Agriculture Place, 20 Steve Biko (formerly Beatrix) Street,
Arcadia, Pretoria, 0001

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