November 21, 2022


CENTRE : KwaZulu Natal (Pietermaritzburg)

REQUIREMENTS : Applicants must be in possession of a Grade 12 Certificate. Grade B Private
Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) Registered. Minimum of 5
years security supervision experience (including experience as a Senior
Security Officer). Job related knowledge: Knowledge of departmental disaster
management plan. Knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety Act.
Knowledge of the control room procedure (closed-circuit television (CCTV)
surveillance systems). Knowledge of Criminal Procedure Act. Knowledge of
Minimum Information Security Standards (MISS). Knowledge of Minimum
Physical Security Standards (MPSS). Knowledge of Safety at Sports and
Recreation Events Act. Job related skills: Interpersonal relations skills,
Communication skills (verbal and written), Exposure to supervisory skills,
Computer literacy and Investigation skills. A valid 08 driver’s licence.
Willingness to travel, work shifts and irregular hours.

DUTIES : Monitoring the implementation of physical security measures and physical
security systems. Supervise In-house and private security officials. Ensure
implementation of access control procedures by security officials. Protect
employees, information and property of the Department. Inspect all security
registers, aids and irregularities and make an entry in the occurrence book and
report to supervisor. Ensure that regular patrols per site are conducted
effectively. Escort visitors on the premises where applicable. Monitor the
movement of equipments and assets of the Department. Coordinate and
ensure duties roosters are available. Monitor implementation of key control
procedures. Coordinate the operationalization of security equipment (where
applicable) in the control room (closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras,
public address, fire panel, lift intercom etc.). Monitor working conditions of
security equipments in the control room. Monitor the activation and deactivation
of security access cards. Maintain accurate record of data recordings. Record
on / off duty shifts and incidents in the occurrence book. Report all defaults on
available safety and security systems and equipment. Monitor the issuing of
new access cards. Participate in evaluation exercise during emergency

Test functionality of all security equipment on regular basis. Keep
the exit points clear off any possible blockages. Participate and assist
Occupational Health and Safety during emergency situations. Participate on
the implementation of Occupational Health and Safety Act. Compile report on
evacuation exercises and non-compliant officials. Conduct after hours
inspections to all offices and ensuring implementation of service-level
agreement (SLA). Monitor performance of guarding services in terms of the
SLA. Provide a feedback inspection report to Supervisor. Report identified
breach of the agreement to supervisor. Manage and coordinate security
incidents / breaches. Ensure that all security incidents and breaches are
reported. Complete and update security incidents register. Compile preliminary32
investigation report. Participate in planning and coordination of special events.
Participate in planning for special events. Conduct access control into the
plenary and holding rooms. Issue accreditation to stakeholders. Escort very
important person’s. Ensure security plans for special events.

ENQUIRIES : Ms YP Ngubane Tel No: (033) 264 9500

APPLICATIONS : Applications can be submitted by post to Private Bag x 9132, Pietermaritzburg,
0001 or hand delivered to: 270 Jabu Ndlovu Street (formerly known as Loop

NOTE : Indian and White Males and Coloured and White Females and Persons with
disabilities are encouraged to apply.

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