November 21, 2022


CENTRE Pretoria

Conditions aspirants must be in possession of a Grade 12 Certificate and a National
Diploma in Computer Science/ Information Technology( IT). minimal of 3
times inferior operation experience in IT Project Management. Job related
knowledge Knowledge of Project Management( compass, time, cost, quality,
resource, threat). Knowledge of Information Systems, tackle and software and
Business Information. Project Management Body of Knowledge( PMBOK)/
systems IN Controlled surroundings( Prince2). Job affiliated chops
operation, Planning, Organising, Analysing, Interpersonal, Leadership,
Report jotting and Communication chops( verbal and spoken). A valid motorist’s

DUTIES Manage ICT systems. Coordinate internal coffers and third parties for the
prosecution of ICT systems. insure that all ICT systems are delivered on time
within compass and within budget. help in the description of design compass and
objects. insure resource vacuity and allocation. Develop a
comprehensive design plan to cover and track progress. Manage changes
to the design compass, design schedule, and design costs using applicable
verification ways. Meet popular objects and make adaptations to
design constraints grounded on fiscal analysis. Perform threat operation to
minimize implicit pitfalls. insure alignment of ICT systems to business
objects. Review the ICT design and insure alignment to the departmental
strategy. Manage the relationship with the customer and applicable stakeholders.
give ICT design monitoring and reporting. Track design performance.
Analyse the successful completion of design pretensions. give detailed design
reports. give systems norms and fabrics. help in drafting design
reporting templates. produce and maintain comprehensive design
attestation. Establish design governance structures. Measure
performance using applicable design operation tools and ways.
insure full compliance with the ICT governance programs, processes, norms
and procedures.

ENQUIRIES Ms N Jonas Tel No(012)4074524

operations operations can be submitted by post Private Bag X833, Pretoria, 0001 or
hand delivered to 184 Jeff Masemola Street( formerly known as Jacob Mare),
corner of Jeff Masemola and Paul Kruger thoroughfares, Pretoria or Agriculture
Place, 20 Steve Biko( formerly Beatrix Street), Arcadia, Pretoria 0001.

NOTE Coloured, Indian and White Males and African, Coloured, Indian and White
Ladies and Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply


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