November 22, 2022


CENTRE : SA Army College, Thaba Tshwane

REQUIREMENTS : A minimum of Grade 3-9 or ABET L1-4.Special requirements (Skills needed):
Good communication and interpersonal relationship skills.

DUTIES : Ensure the dining hall is clean at all times, tables are clean, clean and set
correctly according to the menus. Fold the serviettes. Ensure cutlery, serviettes
condiments, butter and assorted jams are available on the tables. Ensure that
the jugs for water and juice are clean and always replenished when empty.
Assist in preparing and serving food. Report all losses, damages and theft
observed. Wash dirty dishes. Clean kitchen, equipment and appliances. Keep
a high standard of hygiene in all daily tasks. Prepare for functions. Prepare
tea/coffee during conferences/meetings per instruction that will be given to you

ENQUIRIES : Major T.P. Papi Tel No: 012 674 4078. Lieutenant M.J. Bobe Tel No: 012 674

APPLICATIONS : Department of Defence, SA Army College, Private Bag x1002, Thaba
Tshwane, 0143

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