November 22, 2022


CENTRE 1 Construction Regiment (Dunnottar)

REQUIREMENTS : A minimum of ABET Level 1-4 (or Grade 3-9) Special requirements (skills
needed): Communicate in English, Basic knowledge of Health and Safety

DUTIES : Ensure that Grounds surfaces are neat and clean. Render basic gardening
services. Cultivate garden areas. Prepare soil for the planting of plants.
Maintain flowers by fertilizing, irrigating, weeding and pruning. Keeping register
of the amount worked for each Lawn Mower. Adhere to strict security when
handling equipment’s. Load and unload various items and equipment needed
on the grounds. Irrigate lawns. Remove refuge from the terrain. Load refuge
on the truck for transportation to refuge dumps. Maintain neatness of the base.

APPLICATIONS : Department of Defence, 1 Construction Regiment, P.O. Box 1049 Dunnottar,

ENQUIRIES : Capt S. Jonas Tel No: 011 730 3111

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