November 22, 2022


CENTRE : ASB WC, Youngsfield

REQUIREMENTS : A minimum of Grade 3-9 or ABET L1-4.Special requirements (Skills needed):
Previous warehouse experience will be an advantage. Special requirements
(skills needed): Communicate in English, Basic knowledge of Health and
Safety procedures.

DUTIES : To receive and sort equipment from Transito in warehouse. Bin numbers
allocation to items without bins. Record all items received in the register. All
documents must be taken to the chief warehouseman for signature. Store the
equipment maintenance. Dispatch the equipment and material. Record all57
items dispatched in the register. Ensure person receiving the items signs for it.
Keep the warehouse neat. Endurance, consequent, punctual, loyalty, integrity
innovative and neatness.

ENQUIRIES : Capt A.M. Kabai / WO2 T. Mandela Tel No: 021 787 1569 / 1525

APPLICATIONS : Department of Defence, Army Support Base Western Cape, Private Bag X1,
Kenwyn, 7790, or hand delivered to Army Support Base Western Cape,
Youngsfield Military Base, Kenwyn

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